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As a strategy consulting firm, we offer a range of services that help organizations achieve their business goals. Our experienced team of consultants has a wealth of knowledge and expertise from various industries. We work closely with our clients to understand their unique situation and develop tailored solutions that deliver results. Our process involves a combination of analytical rigor and creative thinking, which enables us to provide our clients with actionable insights and recommendations.


This End Up

This End Up is a business management firm that helps companies reset their focus back to their core competencies.  We passionately believe that consistency of message in market reinforces a companies identity with the consumer.  We specialize in helping companies redefine their strategy, maximize their commercialization plan, and responsibly market their products to their core consumer.  Our purpose is to tackle projects your team doesn't have the time to solve with all the day to day pressure of the business.  We're always happy to apply our experience and skills obtained throughout our life and career to interesting projects, especially when it involves creative problem solving and innovative thinking. While we believe that good business practices transition across all categories, we have significant tenure and experience in the highly regulated Canadian Beverage Alcohol and Cannabis markets. Please reach out to discuss your potential project.

Nick Mosgrove

Nick Mosgrove


An analytical, results-oriented senior business Leader with 16 years experience in the Canadian beverage alcohol and Cannabis industries. Nick has a well rounded background in sales management, trade marketing, key accounts, forecasting, and supplier management.

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