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Make your small business sell more!

Updated: Jan 23

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Sell more

Leveraging Your Small Business's Centers of Excellence: A Strategic Approach to Proactive Growth - Sales Help, Sales Training & Business Developement


In the dynamic world of small businesses, waiting for customers to find you is a strategy of the past. In today's competitive market, it's crucial to proactively reach out to your core customers. This blog post will explore how small businesses can capitalize on their unique strengths, or "Centers of Excellence," to develop a comprehensive strategy encompassing web presence, social media, B2B tools, and effective staffing.

Understanding Your Center of Excellence

First and foremost, identify what your business excels at by leveraging sales history to understand who your existing customer is. This "Center of Excellence" is the cornerstone of your value proposition – the primary reason customers choose you over competitors. It could be your exceptional customer service, innovative product offerings, or specialized knowledge in a niche market.

Crafting a Web and Social Media Strategy

With your Center of Excellence in mind, tailor your web and social media presence to highlight these strengths. Your website should not only be user-friendly and engaging but also reflective of what makes your business special. Social media platforms are invaluable for storytelling – sharing customer testimonials, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and thought leadership content that resonates with your target audience.

Utilizing B2B Tools for Outreach

Tools like offer robust solutions for small businesses to identify and connect with potential clients. These platforms can help you segment your audience, personalize your outreach, and track your engagement's effectiveness. Use these tools to focus on prospects that are most likely to benefit from your Centers of Excellence.

Staffing for Success

Your team is your biggest asset. Ensure you have the right mix of skills and talents to support your strategic goals. This might mean hiring staff with digital marketing expertise, sales experience, or industry-specific knowledge. Remember, the right team can amplify your outreach efforts and drive meaningful engagement with your core customers.


By aligning your business strategy with your Centers of Excellence, you can proactively reach out to your ideal customers instead of waiting for them to find you. This approach not only maximizes your strengths but also positions your business for sustainable growth and success in the ever-evolving small business landscape.

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