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Avalanche of Climate Change - Protect Our Winters

There is an amazing organization called Protect Our Winters, doing an amazing job of bringing awareness to climate change as it relates to Ski & Snowboarding.

Climate change is having a significant impact on the ski industry, as rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns are affecting snow conditions at ski resorts around the world. In many regions, ski seasons are becoming shorter and less predictable, with some resorts experiencing a decline in the amount and quality of snow.

One of the main challenges facing the ski industry due to climate change is the potential for shorter and less reliable ski seasons. As temperatures rise, there is a risk that ski resorts will receive less snow, or that the snow that does fall will melt more quickly. This can lead to shorter ski seasons and lower revenues for resorts, as skiers and snowboarders may choose to visit other destinations with more consistent snow conditions.

In addition to the challenges posed by shorter ski seasons, the ski industry is also facing other impacts of climate change. For example, as temperatures rise, ski resorts may need to invest more in snowmaking equipment and other technologies in order to maintain sufficient snow cover. This can increase operating costs and put pressure on profitability.

Climate change is also affecting the ski industry in other ways. For example, rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns may lead to more extreme weather events, such as heavy rain or strong winds, which can disrupt ski operations and impact the safety of skiers and snowboarders. Overall, the impact of climate change on the ski industry is significant and multifaceted, and it is a challenge that the industry is working to address. Protect Our Winters is doing great work driving awareness within the community and has some great initiatives that you should get behind.

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