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Digital Adoption Program

$2400 microgrant + $15,000 in digital transformation grants + $7,300 in wage subsidies to hire a new grad for $24,700 in total funding!

This End Up helps SME's implement new technology that will allow them to connect with customers more effectively, reduce internal processes, and stay protected through enhanced security measures.  Let us help you gain a competitive advantage by enhancing the digital support systems within your organization.

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Canadian Digital Adoption Program

The Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) is a government initiative to help small to medium-sized businesses adopt new digital technologies. 

If you’re a registered business in Canada with at least $30,000 in revenue, you’re eligible for grant one.

If you're a business owner with one full-time equivalent employee and $500,000 in revenue in one of the prior three years, you're eligible for the boost your tech grant, grant two.

What are you eligible for?

Grant 1: $2400 Microgrant to implement digital Marketing Initiatives. 

Grant 2: Up to a $15k grant to hire a Digital Advisor to create a CDAP Plan. Once your plan is complete you're automatically eligible to access $7300 in wage subsidy as well as a 100k loan from the BDC to help you implement your digital strategy. 

What is the process and time required?

For the boost your technology grant of 15k- Grant 1, 

30 min to complete the application

1-4 hour onboarding depending on the company size

2-6 weeks - Digital Adoption Plan creation

2 hour plan presentation

4 hours to hire a student

45 min to apply for the BDC 100k 0% loan


Eligible Costs

Grant 1- Website design, search engine optimization, online sales, online bookings, social media support, and online advertising.

Grant 2- The grant is provided to you to hire an experienced digital advisor to provide you with vendor-neutral advice and they are subject to the CDAP Code of Conduct. ( We are digital advisors!)

The This End Up Added Value

In our deliverables to you, we go the extra mile to review your current strategy and help you identify where you want to take your business. Our goal is to build you a digital strategy that is scaleable and can take your business where you're trying to go, not where you've been. 

Lets get the process started!

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